What is the Appreciation Project

The Appreciation Project aims at changing the world, one person at a time, while unfreezing our ability to feel and experience awe, and wonder with oneself, with another and the world, thus generating well being, health, connection and community.


How it started

Every human being is amazing. If we haven’t experienced that, it is just because we haven’t looked close enough.


How we do it

Appreciation is a practice. Just like brushing our teeth or hydrating, it is something we should do everyday.


Daily Practices of Appreciation

Focus, continuous practice, and awareness are needed when one decides to excel on some new skill or talent. The development of appreciative “muscles” would be no different!
Here you’ll find daily practices in appreciation to build appreciative skills in your work environment, with yourself, in your city, in nature, in your family, and in relationships.

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The Appreciation Circle

Circles are a way to be together that connects us to what is sacred. No hierarchy, only communion. In an Appreciation Circle we practice connected dialogue by sharing what deeply matters to us. Openness and presence, it is all that is required.


Who am I

Barbara Oliveira

I am Barbara, a woman fascinated by all that breathes, especially human beings and trees. I have spent the last 15 years doing my very best to help very diverse people talk and get somewhere together, as a facilitator and mediator, while also getting to know my light and my shadows


Next events

Lançamento projeto apreciação

19 de abril 2018 Rua Simpatia, 348, Vila Madalena - São Paulo SP

Apreciar: (verbo transitivo direto) Prezar, dar apreço. Deleitar-se com, admirar.