If you are invited to join or decide to host an Appreciation Circle, all that you have to do is come with the intent of being open-hearted and appreciative of others’ open hearts. Contributions are voluntary, and the only rule is that we shall speak from the “I” (first person) and will not offer advise or try to solve anything for another being. We will just be present, and share our appreciation in response to an appreciative question offered by the Facilitator to each one of us, in the group, supported by the Thinking Environment method.

An Appreciation Circle meeting lasts between 45 and 60 minutes (give or take a few minutes), covering up to 3 appreciative questions for participants in the circle to share their appreciative thoughts and experiences, in rounds, as a circle. During the rounds, everyone will have a turn to speak. No one is required to share, or if they wish to share but don’t feel ready yet, the host can pass their turn and go back to them at the end of the round.
As the Appreciation Circle Host, you are responsible for sharing and upholding the guidelines to help participants be as comfortable and present as they can, while achieving the goal of appreciating life and flooding our bodies with happy hormones, such as oxytocin. For that to happen, we invite all to leave our beautiful (and I must say, very sharp!) problem solving skills and critical abilities aside, only if momentarily, as well as our judgment thoughts of what is “worthy” of appreciation and take each other in as sunsets.

You will find the guidelines below in many languages. Please do remember to share your experience in the comments session below, as well as any innovations you’ve made! We look forward to hearing from you.




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