Focus, continuous practice, and awareness are needed when one decides to excel on some new skill or talent. The development of appreciative “muscles” would be no different!

Here you’ll find daily practices in appreciation to build appreciative skills in your work environment, with yourself, in your city, in nature, in your family, and in relationships.

We will post new practices often, so visit us to find new exercises.

How to use this page:

  1. Practices are categorized by skills (emotional, interpersonal, mindfulness, somatic, cognitive presence) and, soon by thematic tags (family, partner, self-appreciation).
  2. We recommend that you do the practice you have chosen on a daily basis (1 or more times a day) for at least 3 weeks, as this is the time the brain takes to form new neural connections with new habits.
  3. There is no “right” way to practice, and each day it will be different for you. So observe the mood you are entering the practice with; the sensations in your body as you perform it (do you have more energy in some part of your body? accumulated tensions somewhere? feeling of heat or cold in some part(s) of the body?); as well as any emotional experiences from the practice itself. Live each day as if it were unique and do not compare. Focus on the experience.
  4. Your daily practice should take you between 5 and 10 minutes, at the most.
  5. Before beginning your practices, pick a Journal (a notebook) that will accompany you, for you to reflect on at the end of your daily practice, with the support of the guiding reflection (observation or self-observation) questions. The process of reflection is an integral part of the daily practices of appreciation.
  6. Download your weekly practice below and HAVE FUN!

All practices presented in this section are organized in the following format.

Remember to share your experiences with us below. It is in exchange that we learn and improve our training!

Pratice 1 – Living with more lightnessa practice to reconnect with your inner child’s joy and spontaneity   

Pratice 2 – Appreciation of our home: a pratice to reconnect us with the place where we live

Pratice 3 – Multiplying the bread: a practice to sharpen our perception with regard to the beautiful things in our everyday lives

Pratice 4-  Leaving the automatic pilot: falling in love with our daily routines

Pratice 5 – Appreciating the stone in our shoe: shifting the way to relate to a challenge

Pratice 6 – Appreciating the surroundingsa practice to train our perception and presence

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